1. Questions about the company

The founders are legal entities. The information about the founders of the company is not public on the basis of a partnership agreement between the founder-companies and CRYPTO SOFTWARE INCORPORATED.
The Company's activity is the development of software for crypto machines and exchange trading, as well as the provision of proprietary software as a service to Clients and Partners of the project. This activity in the Federation of Saint-Kitts & Nevis (that is, in the country of incorporation of the Company) is not subject to mandatory licensing.
CRYPTO SOFTWARE INCORPORATED conducts brokerage and financial asset management activities, focusing on software development. In accordance with the terms of the agreement concluded between the Brokerage Company and CRYPTO SOFTWARE INCORPORATED, the name of the brokerage company cannot be disclosed.

2. Registration and personalization

Click the “Register” button on the main page of the Company's corporate website at https://cryptoswi.com. Fill out the form fields. Among other things, you need to know the ID of your curator (that is, the immediate superior partner of the Company). If you do not have a referral link, then you will be registered under one of the branches of technical support for the company. After filling out the form and sending the data, you will receive an email with a link to confirm the registration to the specified e-mail address (therefore, you must specify a real e-mail address). Please check the “Spam” folder if you do not receive registration confirmation for a long time (more than 2 minutes).
If you do not have a referral link, then you will be registered under one of the branches of technical support of the company. Registration with the Company will be made in accordance with paragraph 2.1.
Registering multiple accounts for the same name is not possible. Only one account in the Company can be registered on the name of an individual. The creation of fictitious accounts in the names of relatives and / or friends, or on “false people”, or on “nonexistent people” (with the use of falsification of registration data and documents) is strictly prohibited.
In the personal account, the client can independently change the personal data that is available for editing. Fields that are not editable (the content of the fields are dim) can be edited by writing to the company's technical support service. In the event of such changes, the company may require a justification of such changes and documents confirming their legality. Client account login cannot be changed. All changes made by the technical support service come into effect after verifying the validity of such changes by the company's security service.
The company recommends using the mail service gmail.com, because some national services located on national domains may block part of the correspondence or refer it to the “Spam”. In this case, the user may experience difficulties in obtaining confirmation letters during the registration of the account or notifications and newsletters from the Company.
No, you do not have. The account can be managed only by the person who registered it for himself (whose personal data are specified during registration). Creation of fictitious accounts with the personal data of relatives and / or friends (or “fake” or “non-existent” persons) in order to form fictitious structures cannot take place. In order to avoid sanctions, against such “clients and partners”, on the part of the Company for the losses incurred, as a result of these actions, only the person who registered it for themselves can control the account.
It is impossible to change the curator and move to another structure, since it is not technically provided and is prohibited by the Company's policy regarding support for existing Partners.
It is possible, but only under the condition that the persons registering such accounts will manage them independently, on their own, and at their own expense. Registration of relatives for the purpose of distributing funds and / or creating fictitious structures is prohibited. Compliance is monitored by the Company's financial control department.
It is possible to re-register an account for another person: to do this, you must contact the Company's support service, or transfer the account management to another person on the basis of a notarized power of attorney. This can be done in accordance with the local laws of the country of residence of the owner of the account. On the transfer of management rights (and, consequently, the details of access to the account) to another person, you must notify the Company's support service in writing, also sending a copy of notarized documents.
In order to become a Partner of the Company, it is necessary to sign the Partnership Agreement and support at least one active (valid) investment.
No. In order to become a Partner of the Company, it is necessary to replenish your investment account and create at least one investment. After that, the opportunity to become a partner will be available for your account.
Being in the status of a Partner, you can abandon the activity of building a structure and not attract new Clients and Partners to your structure. However, it is technically impossible to change the status of a Partner to the status of an Investor, as this may lead to insoluble contradictions in the overall structural ladder of the Company and cause financial harm to other Partners of the Company.
If you have had active investments, but they have expired, you are given two full working days in order to create a new investment, or to resume the expired (reinvestment) and continue the work as a Partner of the Company. If an active investment is not created within two full working days, the interest of referral commissions and premium partner rewards will be frozen. Any commission and remuneration of a Partner who does not have a valid investment is not accrued, and the conditions for the accrual of these rewards are not retroactive.

3. Security

The company takes all measures at the modern technical level to protect personal data, as well as funds of investors and partners. Applied systems and algorithms of protection and encryption are nowadays considered as sufficiently reliable. The user is responsible for the safety of the account details for access to the account management (login and password), for his part. Withdrawal of funds is possible only on those e-wallets that the user indicated which is an additional level of protection of funds of the account.
CRYPTO SOFTWARE INCORPORATED openly informs Investors and Partners that investment activity is paired with risks.
The legal form of the Agreements is a public (for the Client Agreement) and a firm (for the Partnership Agreement) offer. This form of agreement does not require signing. Documents are publicly declared and are an open proposal for people wishing to enter into a contractual relationship (which is in more detail in the Client Agreement). You can sign documents on your side, however, they do not come into force from the moment of signing, but from the moment of acceptance.

4. Finance

To replenish the balance account, you can use the payment systems Advanced Cash, BitCoin, Perfect Money, PayPal, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin. Replenishment is available to any user of the system. In order to make a deposit, go to the main menu of the Personal Account, in the “Finance” section and select the “Replenishment” sub-item. In the window that opens, specify the amount of replenishment, select the available payment system and click on the “Add” button. Follow the instructions on the screen.
The processing time of an application for withdrawal of funds is carried out by the financial department of the company and ranges before 3 working days, depending on the number and total volume of executed applications. You can create a request for withdrawal of funds on any day.
The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 1 USD. The maximum amount is $ 10,000 USD per week. Withdrawal is possible only on the wallets indicated by the User as his own. For each of the used payment systems, the User can specify only one purse (account number, account number, or identifier), and it is impossible to change it in the future.
The following operations are available for funds on the current balance sheet account of the Investor or Partner: the creation of new investments and the withdrawal of funds to their own wallets of electronic payment systems. Transfer to individual balance of other Clients of the company is not possible.
The following investment packages are offered to the Investors and Partners of the company: • Package "Standard"; • Package "Business"; • Package "Premium"; • Package "V.I.P.". Package sizes and terms of investment for each of them are given in attachment 1 of the Client Agreement. These packages allow you to meet the needs of investors with different financial capabilities in a wide time range.
You can have an unlimited number of investment packages. The composition and structure of your investment portfolio (that is, the number of investment packages, their timing, amounts transferred to management) are completely dependent on your personal preferences as an investor, as well as on your financial capabilities.
The investment is accepted for management no later than 00:00 a.m. UTC on the next working day after the day of investment, but not later than within two full working days.
No. But you can create an additional investment by transferring the necessary funds for management to your chosen investment program.
Yes. This is possible. After the expiration of the active investment, it will switch to the “Completed” status, and the “Reinvest” button will become available. Clicking this button will create a new (active) investment of the same amount.
Reinvestment, like a regular investment, is accepted for management no later than 00:00 a.m. UTC on the next business day after investment, but no later than within two full business days.
Profit on investment deposits is accrued daily (except Saturday and Sunday, as well as holidays) and is added to the investment income account of the client, in accordance with the terms of your chosen investment program.
The minimum investment amount for the Standard investment study program is $ 20. However, it should be noted that such an investment can be activated no more than three times (for each Investor or Partner of the company). In the future (after two reinvestments), the Investor or Partner should use one of the following investment programs “Business”, “Premium” or “V.I.P.” programs with a minimum investment amount of $ 400, $ 3000, $ 20000, respectively. The possible number of reinvestments for these programs is unlimited. In addition, the company provides a special promotion system for the company's regular customers (see Table 2 of the Customer Agreement).
The amount of accrued partner commissions to a Partner directly depends on its status in the company's career and the level of development of its structure.
The amount of commission on the investment made by the referral invited by any of the Partners of the structure is calculated according to Table 1 of Attachment 2 of the Partnership Agreement. In addition, the Partner receives an additional premium affiliate commission based on Table 2 of Attachment 2 of the Partnership Agreement.
Yes. You will, in accordance with Table 2 of Attachment 2 of the Partnership Agreement. Affiliate rewards will be charged on all created levels of your structure. For an example of calculating premium partner rewards, see the example in Attachment 2.
The total investment volume of the Partner’s structure is the sum of all investments in the structure during the whole period of its construction.
Yes. Reinvestments are taken into account when calculating the total volume of structural investments, along with investments.
Yes. Reinvestment is taken into account when calculating the amount of personal investment, along with investments.
No. In order to obtain a certain status and in order to maintain it, the volume of investments is taken into account without “accumulation”. Meaning, that at each given moment, the Partner needs to have such a volume of active (operating) investments that corresponds to the status he holds.
The CRYPTO SOFTWARE INCORPORATED automated project system stops managing money after the investment period expires, and the process of accruing profit for the expired investment package stops automatically. In the list of investments in the User’s Personal Account, such an investment will have the status “Finished” (this status is displayed in a contrasting color and indicates that the investment has been removed from management). To make a decision on further cash flow, it is necessary to choose one of two possible options: a) closing an investment (this returns its body to the balance sheet account); b) reinvest (re-investment).
The project participant (Investor or Partner) needs to go to the “Finance” section of the main menu of the Personal Account. In the submenu, select "Remove". In the window that opens, specify the amount of personal cash to withdraw. Select an available payment system and click on the "Withdraw" button. The processing of an application for withdrawal can take up to three full working days.
No. The company does not charge any additional fees for withdrawal operations. When executing withdrawals, only the commission of selected electronic systems is charged, which is set by default in the amount and order for standard deposit / withdrawal operations.

5. General questions

The issue of inheritance can be resolved in accordance with the local legislation of the country of registration of the owner of the account (and, accordingly, funds held in the account of the account holder) by creating a testament in the prescribed form.
The phone number must be in the following format: • The “plus” symbol is registered in the system automatically and is not subject to input; • Full phone number with country code and mobile operator. Do not use any other characters (except numbers) when specifying a phone number (you do not need to use such characters as "space", "hyphen" or "parentheses". The correct phone number should look like this: 123456789000 (in some countries the number may contain not 12, but 11 characters. This is the number of digits determined by the rules and conditions for dialing numbers in each individual country).
On working days from your personal account to the technical support chat from 08:00:00 a.m. to 17:59:59 p.m. UTC. By e-mail at any time convenient for you: • For general questions and suggestions [email protected] • For technical support and system support issues [email protected] • For financial issues [email protected] The company makes every effort to promptly review and resolve your issues.