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Our goal is to achieve new opportunities, increasing the efficiency and processability of financial operations, simplifying and increasing their safety, giving clients innovational services which are transparent and trustworthy.

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CRYPTO SOFTWARE INCORPORATED (CSWI) has emerged from the holding company Lion Rock Group Limited. The central office of LionRockGroup Limited is based in Hong Kong. Since 2011, CRYPTO SOFTWARE INCORPORATED has been operating as an independent company specializing in software and crypto security issues. Since its inception, CSWI has worked closely with the largest British financial institutions, trading platforms in the UK, the USA, and in the countries of the Asia-Pacific region, with scientific and educational centers of these countries and with companies specializing in international trade security.
Who we are?


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Dow Jones Newswires: Remy Cointreau sales slide as company exits partner brand deals

Remy Cointreau SA said Friday that sales in the first half fell 0.6% due to its withdrawal from a number of partner brands.

The owner RCO, -1.05%  of the Remy Martin and Louis XIII cognac brands said sales in the period totaled 523.9 million euros ($581.7 million), down from EUR527 million last year.

Sales of the House of Remy Martin brand were hit by unrest in Hong Kong, as well as slower-than-expected restocking by U.S. retailers. However, this was partly offset by strong Mid-Autumn Festival sales in China, the French company said.

Here’s How Much Bitcoin Is Locked Up in Sidechains Right Now

Almost $77 million of Bitcoin (BTC) is currently unavailable to use on the network — not because it is lost, but because it is locked up in sidechains.

Bitcoin sidechains: a nascent market
Data from block explorers confirms that as of Oct. 17, a total of 9,661 BTC ($76.96 million) or a tiny 0.054% of today’s Bitcoin supply resides in three major sidechain projects.

Shares lose steam, sterling off five-month peak with Brexit talks set to resume


Shares markets lost some steam in Asian trading on Wednesday while sterling came off five-month highs as investors remained uncertain whether crunch talks in Brussels would lead to a deal to avoid a disorderly British exit from the European Union.

European stocks were on track to open lower after big gains the previous day, with pan-European Euro Stoxx 50 futures (STXEc1) down 0.19%, German DAX futures (FDXc1) shedding 0.25% and FTSE futures (FFIc1) losing 0.39%.