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Our goal is to achieve new opportunities, increasing the efficiency and processability of financial operations, simplifying and increasing their safety, giving clients innovational services which are transparent and trustworthy.

Who we are?

CRYPTO SOFTWARE INCORPORATED (CSWI) è sorto dalla holding Lion Rock Group Limited. L'ufficio centrale di CRYPTO SOFTWARE INCORPORATED è stato fondato in Lion Rock Group Limited. Dal 2011, Lion Rock Group Limited lavora come società indipendente specializzata in software e problemi di sicurezza crittografica. Fin dalla sua fondazione, CRYPTO SOFTWARE INCORPORATED ha lavorato a stretto con più grandi istituzioni finanziarie britanniche, piattoforme mercatili in Gran Britagna, negli Stati Uniti e nei paesi della regione Asia-Pacifico, con centri scientifici ed educativi di questi paesi e con le società specializzate nel commercio internazionale sicurezza.
Who we are?


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Stocks under pressure as Apple sounds warning on coronavirus

02.18.2020 Asian shares fell and Wall Street was poised to retreat from record highs on Tuesday after Apple Inc (O:AAPL) said it would miss its March quarter revenue guidance as the coronavirus slowed production and weakened demand in China. The warning from the most valuable U.S.

Dubai's DP World to delist, return to full state ownership

02.17.2020 Dubai's DP World, one of the world's largest port operator's, said on Monday it would delist and return to full state ownership in a deal valuing the company at $13.9 billion. DP World operates ports around the world, from Hong Kong to Buenos Aires, and is headquartered at its flagship Jebel Ali Port in Dubai, the Middle East's biggest transhipment hub. Port and Free Zone World, a wholly-owned subsidiary of state investment vehicle Dubai World, is to acquire the 19.55% of shares listed on the Nasdaq Dubai, according to a stock filing. Port and Free Zone World already owns

Cruise industry gives Asia a wide berth as it seeks to limit coronavirus risks

02.14.2020 The plight of the cruise ship off Japan with more than 200 coronavirus infections and the shunning of another by five ports despite no known cases has led to a sharp change in tack for an industry in shock: avoid Asia. To that end, many cruises in the region are being canceled while others currently sailing are being re-routed, skipping originally scheduled stops in China, Hong Kong and Singapore. Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd (N:RCL) on Thursday canceled 18 cruises in Southeast Asia after calling off eight trips to China last week.